True Church Conference

February 23, 2009


This weekend was really great.  It was full of incredible sermons and some major unity.  There were about 25 of us from Burton who went.  The group was really fun and we all enjoyed each others company.  All the speakers were awesome.  The theme this year was repentance.  Paul Washer was awesome.  He is so passionate about the Gospel.  I had heard a couple of his sermons in high school on cd, but loved him this weekend.  Vodie Bauchuam is always so real.  I remembered this weekend that he was one of the main people that changed my perspective on dating.  I’m really grateful for that looking back.  And David Miller brought it… as usual.  He is so wise and kind.  I liked the others too, but Dave, Vodie, and Paul were tied for first.

All the girls stayed at a home.  It was so comfortable and we all had some good talks which equals little sleep.  The guys stayed in another house and their host family made us dinner one night.  It was really really sweet.  All the pastors and their families were so genuine.  It was really encouraging to see so many little kids being so well behaved during these deep sermons.  We also got to hang out with Hannah and Patrick Schreiner all weekend.  I really miss them a lot and had forgotten how great they are.

I was so encouraged by so many things about this conference, but one of the most awesome things was the entire body of believers.  Every pastor was striving so much to glorify God in their lives and preaching.  I think all of us from Burton were just refreshed and encouraged to see their faith.  I have a big group of sermons I need to listen to now- mostly by Paul Washer- and a ton of books to read.  Not to mention- TONS of sleep to catch up on.


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