All You Need Is Love….

February 17, 2009

These photos do not do the night justice AT ALL.  I’m not sure why I gave up so easily.  I am really regretting that right now.  Chet’s Post about this maybe worth looking at after you realize how lame mine is. Sorry especially to Aimtown, who was looking forward to this one.  I will try to do better in the future.

dsc_0003Chet made these awesome red velvet cake cookies sandwiches with cream cheese icing in the middle.  YUM!  And yes those are chocolate covered strawberries on the top!  And lovely Kait mixing up here chicken salad that was delicious!


That’s what’s up!


Kait rockin the black pumps… a V’day must.


I don’t want to brag, but this was AWESOME!  Me and those leftovers need to hang out asap.


Alyssa’s contribution- poppy seed chicken.  Fabulous.


Yes- this was my first sloppy Joe ever. K-Wall represent.

There were many other dishes and beautiful friends that were not pictured.  I apologize.  This was really a great night though.  And P.S. I forgot how much I love the movie Hitch.


One Response to “All You Need Is Love….”

  1. Amy said

    Seriously. i don’t care if you think you didn’t do a good post. I want to eat all of that food! I really am wishing I had been in BG for this lovely event-not only for the food but for your company too!! Love you Chartown.

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