iLife ’09

February 14, 2009

I have been so busy lately.  These are way long over due…..


This huge cupcake was a disaster, but we learned a lot that night.  Next time we will let it cool and hopefully end up with a better looking result.  Bethany’s birthday was really fun though.  It was the most random group of people, but I’m not gonna lie- I would be totally ok with hanging out with that same group again.


Carra came in town last weekend and it was a great time- as usual.  Mr. Earl took care of the bill at Brickyard so needless to say… great dinner friday night.  I love having friends visit and experience precious little Bowling Green. 


This is my new obsession- PARKER BENNETT ELEMENTARY.  These kids are so precious.  A bunch of us from the Burton College Group have gone to hang out with them the past 2 Friday afternoons.  This school can easily be defined in one word- Minority- and I love it.  These kids really love us even though we have only been with them for 4 hours total.  I think Burton and Parker’s relationship will be a long one.  I’m so glad I get to play a part.

Tonight= best Valentine’s ever.  Just wait for the photo documentation of this crazy girl night.  Until then… HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


3 Responses to “iLife ’09”

  1. Grandy said

    I love looking at your blog. Your pictures and commentary are always great. Helps me know what’s going on in your life. Love you.

  2. Amy said

    I love reading your blog.I really can hear you saying everything you type. So fun. Can’t wait to see fun pictures from V-day. Love you Bff.

  3. chet said

    i’m getting anxious to go to parker bennet myself. i still haven’t been, and i won’t get to go for a while. maybe i’ll get to sub there. p.s. the cupake pic- who has the lighter? i can’t recognize that person AT ALL.

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