Awakening of All of My Creative Senses

February 5, 2009

This week has been incredibly inspiring for some reason.  I really feel like my creative side is just dying to get out at the moment (which clearly doesn’t fit in with reading a book for class).  

This is my logo assignment for Print Design, which I am enjoying throughly.  It still needs a little help, but I’m all around satisfied.  It will be hard narrowing it down and doing the finishing touches. 

hillFinally, the Endzone Camera website is done…. view here:

I have really loved singing since I have been back.  I wish I could just focus on that.  

Singing. Designing. Photo taking. and Cooking could just take over my life and I really would not mind.  Its a dream world that I live in.

The Lord has shown me nothing but kindness and I am boasting in Him alone.


One Response to “Awakening of All of My Creative Senses”

  1. Su Madre said

    Loving the blog :) Just another outlet to feel connected while you are away. Have a beautiful day my Songbird!

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