Baby Sam’s Birthday

January 28, 2009

We ventured out into the weather tonight and it was totally, totally worth it.  Birthdays have been so fun this year and this one is no different than the rest.

dsc_00031My friend Carley rockin the chopstick hair did.

dsc_00061 Precious Baby Sam before the on her B’day.

dsc_0007How cute is she really!?!

dsc_0008Artsy-iest picture of Alyssa.  She can’t even handle it as her profile pic because its so artsy. Hahaha

dsc_0024I love this girl.



Toast to Baby Sam!



dsc_0038Girls that make my life so great: Alyssa, Kait, Sam, Carl, and Chet.

Everyone’s names except Alyssa’s are usually in Abrev.  Dang you Alyssa.



dsc_0050Memphis was dominating tonight…. as has been the trend lately up here in Kentucky.

It was such a great night and we are hoping for no school tomorrow!  I need to go do a snow dance!


One Response to “Baby Sam’s Birthday”

  1. chet said

    good post. your photos are looking better and better. mine – not so much.

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