Snug in my Snuggie.

January 27, 2009

dsc_0001  This photo is the extent of my photo subjects    today.  The weather is really gross in BG today,    but somehow we still had to go to school.  Also    on top of that, a super frustrating situation of the  phone service being out.  To communicate, I have  been having to send emails or literally go to    where people are.  UGH.  

  Things should be getting better though because    its Sam’s birthday.  The girls going to Mariah’s  for dinner and then back to the apartment with the boys for cake and the bundle of love we all got stuff for yesterday.  Hopefully school will be cancelled tomorrow.  Either way I will probably just stay at the apartment tonight since the weather is nasty.  

Even though its cold and the first week of classes, its been a really good week.  The Lord has really been faithful and working when I least expected it.  Hopefully I will have some good photos from all the festivities tonight.  Until then…… here are the b’day presents me and mi madre made for our friends (Chet and Mrs. Person) who have the same birthdays.


This is Lauren’s. 



And this is Mrs. Person’s.  Happy birthday friends!


One Response to “Snug in my Snuggie.”

  1. chet said

    your momma did a splendid job, but im partial and still love mine more!!!

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