I Still Have Lots To Learn

January 18, 2009

My photo skills may have improved a little over this break, but taking pictures in a gym shows I have a lot more to learn.  


Even though Gray has yet to score a basket this season, he is really great on defense.  This photo is a little out of focus, but his face is incredible.


Please let me introduce you to Clay.  He is by far my favorite of all Gray’s classmates.  We played him this Saturday and I was extremely lucky to catch one of his very expressive faces.  His humor is ridiculous and always has me laughing.  I think he could possibly be a comedian in the future.


My mom is the room mother for the eighth grade at the Neighborhood School in inner city Memphis.  She just helps celebrate their birthdays, holidays, and whatever else to make them feel special.  This school is extremely dynamic because they provide a Christian education for children who would never be able to afford it on their own.



These kids are really great and so fun.  I am so glad that this ministry exists and can help these kids to break free from the pattern of many of their parents and everyone in this community.


One Response to “I Still Have Lots To Learn”

  1. chet said

    you are a really great and dedicated blogger. well done. i could learn a few things from you.

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