Baby Sam’s Birthday

January 28, 2009

We ventured out into the weather tonight and it was totally, totally worth it.  Birthdays have been so fun this year and this one is no different than the rest.

dsc_00031My friend Carley rockin the chopstick hair did.

dsc_00061 Precious Baby Sam before the on her B’day.

dsc_0007How cute is she really!?!

dsc_0008Artsy-iest picture of Alyssa.  She can’t even handle it as her profile pic because its so artsy. Hahaha

dsc_0024I love this girl.



Toast to Baby Sam!



dsc_0038Girls that make my life so great: Alyssa, Kait, Sam, Carl, and Chet.

Everyone’s names except Alyssa’s are usually in Abrev.  Dang you Alyssa.



dsc_0050Memphis was dominating tonight…. as has been the trend lately up here in Kentucky.

It was such a great night and we are hoping for no school tomorrow!  I need to go do a snow dance!


Snug in my Snuggie.

January 27, 2009

dsc_0001  This photo is the extent of my photo subjects    today.  The weather is really gross in BG today,    but somehow we still had to go to school.  Also    on top of that, a super frustrating situation of the  phone service being out.  To communicate, I have  been having to send emails or literally go to    where people are.  UGH.  

  Things should be getting better though because    its Sam’s birthday.  The girls going to Mariah’s  for dinner and then back to the apartment with the boys for cake and the bundle of love we all got stuff for yesterday.  Hopefully school will be cancelled tomorrow.  Either way I will probably just stay at the apartment tonight since the weather is nasty.  

Even though its cold and the first week of classes, its been a really good week.  The Lord has really been faithful and working when I least expected it.  Hopefully I will have some good photos from all the festivities tonight.  Until then…… here are the b’day presents me and mi madre made for our friends (Chet and Mrs. Person) who have the same birthdays.


This is Lauren’s. 



And this is Mrs. Person’s.  Happy birthday friends!

Missing Memphis

January 26, 2009

As I write this from my comfy bed in Mclean 128, I really do miss so many things about Memphis.  This break really was incredible.  I am really going to have a hard time transitioning back here.  Plus its really, really cold.  Kentucky is way colder than Tennessee plus I think the weather changed completely today.  



The whole fam went to Rendezvous last week.  Awesome Memphis.  I really love BBQ and cannot imagine my life without it.








These were from fondue night, which was funny.  It was part of my last night festivities that randomly turned into chocolate covered pretzels.  Quelf, fondue, and home movies…. does it get much better?


Happy birthday Jeff and Chet!  We all went to Garcia’s and then had really great preacher’s cake (thanks Sarah).  All in all, good first night in the BG.  Its crazy that this semester is already here.  I don’t really know how to handle the change.  God has been so gracious though in the past 2 days, and I know He is faithful.  Here it goes…….

I Still Have Lots To Learn

January 18, 2009

My photo skills may have improved a little over this break, but taking pictures in a gym shows I have a lot more to learn.  


Even though Gray has yet to score a basket this season, he is really great on defense.  This photo is a little out of focus, but his face is incredible.


Please let me introduce you to Clay.  He is by far my favorite of all Gray’s classmates.  We played him this Saturday and I was extremely lucky to catch one of his very expressive faces.  His humor is ridiculous and always has me laughing.  I think he could possibly be a comedian in the future.


My mom is the room mother for the eighth grade at the Neighborhood School in inner city Memphis.  She just helps celebrate their birthdays, holidays, and whatever else to make them feel special.  This school is extremely dynamic because they provide a Christian education for children who would never be able to afford it on their own.



These kids are really great and so fun.  I am so glad that this ministry exists and can help these kids to break free from the pattern of many of their parents and everyone in this community.