Recap of My Christmas Break

December 26, 2008

So I have been home for two weeks as of today…. It has been wonderful.  These pictures describe a few of the events that have taken place….


so the costume pics are from gray’s school christmas program.  the timeline is a project gray had to do.  that was the first picture of the 6 total.  we had a great time working on that.  Oh the joys of 5th grade! the ones where im freaking out are at RETROSPECT! (such a great show as usual).  And then the stair picture is a little sneak peak of emily oziers amazing stair case! (chet this is purely for you obviously).

christmas was fabulous and i’m the proud owner of not only a nikon d60 but also a snowball.  this little contraption will help recording sessions in BG that will become very frequent next semester.


One Response to “Recap of My Christmas Break”

  1. laurenmechetner said

    preshi header. i like. all those pics i’ve been waiting for, and i thought i might not see for a while because you left facebook once again. so far, blog=good!

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