A Baby Deer Named Ginger Snap

December 30, 2008


This picture begins the hunting adventure.  As we headed out to the stand across muddy fields, my shoe got extremely stuck in the mud— therefore my next step was the sock into the mud.  What a fabulous beginning.  The next hour and a half, I was barefoot.  Awesome.



So true story:  there is deer blood on my face.  Not even lying at all.  I shot this deer from about 150 yards away.  We thought it was a doe….but no.  Its a little buck- which you aren’t really supposed to kill.  Who knew?  I hit it on its back leg/hip region instead of the shoulder.  It would not die, so my dad had to slit its throat with a knife.  Ugh.  So we brought it back to the cabin and skinned it.  Quite an experience.  I felt like I was in Anatomy class all over a again.  Since I shot it in the wrong place, its guts went everywhere inside it.  That was pleasant.  Now we have some venison in the freezer to eat at a later date. : )


Cooking with Chef Grayson- always a great time.  I was trying out some new things with my camera like metering light.  There was a cookie swap at Melanie’s with all the high school posse so we had to get cookin’.


Yes, I want to be Pioneer Woman.


He is such a character.





Ginger snap!  Every time Gray asks for one of these delicious cookies, he literally says “Ginger” and then snaps.  I love it.  It will be hard, as always, to leave him.



I tried to package them as attractively as possible. 


This is most of the Posse taking the Annual Mom Christmas Sweater Pic.


They are so funny.


Me and Rhodie were both sporting the “business poof”.  This was very overdue for me.



I’m really a fan of all these girls.  It was so great to catch up and have lots of laughs with them.  As usual, Melanie was a great hostess.  P.s. check out that green punch.  Fancy.


Recap of My Christmas Break

December 26, 2008

So I have been home for two weeks as of today…. It has been wonderful.  These pictures describe a few of the events that have taken place….


so the costume pics are from gray’s school christmas program.  the timeline is a project gray had to do.  that was the first picture of the 6 total.  we had a great time working on that.  Oh the joys of 5th grade! the ones where im freaking out are at RETROSPECT! (such a great show as usual).  And then the stair picture is a little sneak peak of emily oziers amazing stair case! (chet this is purely for you obviously).

christmas was fabulous and i’m the proud owner of not only a nikon d60 but also a snowball.  this little contraption will help recording sessions in BG that will become very frequent next semester.

I love my family!

December 23, 2008

Family Christmas Card

Merry Christmas Everyone!